Khardah Public Cultural & Welfare Association (KPCWA)
Welcome To Khardah Public Cultural & Welfare Association (KPCWA)


With the initiative of few young people of Khardah and its surrounding villages of Amta-I Block in the district of Howrah a new chapter as opened in the year 1990. It was a club for sports activities for the local youth which became a social development organization in the ensuring years. The youth understood their responsibilities not to kick the football only but to roll the football in continuous term for developmental goal of their people in the area. The area is predominantly inhabited by scheduled caste and Muslim community. Their backwardness in the social point coupled with prejudice, illiteracy, squalor and fatalism turned their switch off in the economic front too. In 1993 the club was registered in the name of Khardah Public Cultural and Welfare Association. KPCWA in short form. Since the registration , the youth with their own contribution and subscriptions from the members continued to serve people in the form of distributing books, organizing integration camps, helping poor students with coaching, helping widow and the old, distributing clothes, food etc.

From 1998 onwards the strategies began to transform from giving to participations of the people for planning of their destiny. The association gave more emphasis to the women and children as they are considered to be top priority sector. Hence, self help groups formations of women , their skill training and their holistic development had emerged as most salient sector of KPCWA's work. However, it also had environment and education to conscientize rural poor.

The journey has just started for KPCWA and the goal is far reaching.